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"Our Goal is To Change The Modern World Become Nature Friendly"

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Corporate Solutions

One hour of free high-level but insightful introduction to the facilities and general business environment of Cyprus. The general principles of Tax, Legal, Regulatory, Labour and General Corporate framework of Cyprus and how it differs with that of Germany

Answering questions and providing information about the specific needs you may have e.g. new company formation, registrations, taxation, immigration rules for managers, office space-finding, taxes, etc

Cost & Benefit Analysis

Assistance in the preparation of a Cost and Benefit Analysis that will highlight the marginal costs and benefits of the relocation of your business from Germany to Cyprus

Company Setup

Through a network of trusted professional lawyers and accountants, obtain quotes and facilitate the process from start to end

Office Setup

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Management & Personnel

Ad hoc and ongoing services offered for individuals tailored for the needs of the managers and staff of the relocated legal entity.

Cultural Training

raining sessions as requires with German speaking experts for guidance and understanding of the local culture especially on areas where this differs with the German culture. Management or all staff sessions may be arranged according to your needs.


Arranging for airport pick ups or other travelling needs including air transport to and from Germany or other countries as required

Ongoing Support

On call support by German speaking staff that can guide and assist with any matters that you may require help with during your stay in Cyprus.

The Facts

Using Innovative & Natural For Green Energy

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Your Switch

Individuals Solutions

One hour of free, high-level but insightful introduction to Cyprus as a place to live and the process of relocation. A well designed questionnaire will help us identify your specific needs and the areas where we can assist you.

Relocation Advice

Based on above questionnaire, a custom made step by step process of the relocation will be detailed and explained and an action plan will be drafted and delivered to you


Assistance with required Immigration process and registration to local Authorities based on your specific circumstances


Assistance with the process of Registration to Social Insurance and Tax Departments and obtaining of a local ID as required. Information about the Cyprus and local authorities tax and pension transfer provisions and how they will apply in your case. Providing assistance in the completion of all required procedures both in Germany and in Cyprus.

Freight & Shipping

Advice on available professional firms and the services they offer, obtaining quotes from a trusted network of moving and storage experts and follow up of the process from start to end.

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